Pay to get my lost money back?

Read an article that discusses the existence of unclaimed funds and you may notice that the author usually suggests that you not pay to recover your lost funds. Visit a website of one the agencies holding unclaimed funds, and you will also notice the suggestion that you not pay to recover your lost funds.

What you won’t notice is anyone of these “experts” mentioning of the fact that over 50% of all claims filed by individuals without the help of recovery professionals end up denied, abandoned, and unclaimed.

You won’t notice that the majority of accounts are not even listed in a searchable index. And when you file an electronic claim with the holder, they are processing only the individual account(s) to which you specifically claimed. They are not searching deeper for additional non-indexed funds.

You won’t notice that even if you successfully claim your account today, if a new account is abandoned tomorrow, no one is going to notify you.

REFUNDERY endorses the DIYer mentality to go ahead and recover unclaimed funds to which they are owed. We provide you with links to the holders websites, instructions on claiming, and search tips. We even offer free monitoring so that the minute we find unclaimed money that we believe you are entitled to collect we will notify you.

And if you want to collect those funds on your own, more power to you. But if you want help, our dedicated recover experts are ready to help you navigate this process. And we are so confident in our abilities, that we never ask for any money in advance. We are only paid, once we have successfully recovered your unclaimed funds.

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REFUNDERY. Because it’s yours.

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