Why do you have to keep checking to see if you have unclaimed funds?

If you have ever played Whack-a-Mole at a carnival you’re halfway to understanding the complexity of unclaimed funds in the United States. In addition to each state having its own rules to find and claim the unclaimed money being held, there are completely different rules for federal accounts, court accounts, corporate accounts, etc… We could keep going, but there’s a character count restriction for our blog post!  The bottom line is that these convoluted regulations have resulted in unclaimed funds totaling well over $100 billion. Unfortunate at a time when so many people could use extra funds, and that’s why our mission at Refundery is to use best in class technology to make it easy for all people to monitor and collect all unclaimed funds to which they are entitled.

Getting back to the title of the blog—The principles of Whack-a-Mole are defined as following. Mole pops up – you whack it with a hammer. Multiple Moles pop up – you keep whacking them faster. While it’s fun at a carnival, it’s less fun if that reference is for individuals trying to monitor all of their unclaimed funds on their own. It would be nearly impossible, and this is why is it’s so important to monitor unclaimed funds for you and your family here.

Combining the fact that there are so many agencies holding unclaimed funds with the fact that they all publish account information at different times, in different ways, if at all; the need for technology that scours them all in real time has come.

So here’s an idea, sign up for a free Refundery Unclaimed Funds Monitoring account, and we will scour for you. We will notify you about any unclaimed funds found, and then you can use that money to take your family to the carnival. Whack a mole is a lot more fun when you’re playing with found money.

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